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X dating sri lanka

Today, however, toponyms and their etymologies are a source of heated political debate in the country as part of the political struggles between the majority Sinhalese and minority Sri Lankan Tamils.The morphological structure of Sri Lankan place names by and large depends on the language.Irrigation and agriculture classifications are Kulam or Kulama (tank), reflecting the most common village name endings in Anuradhapura and Puttalam districts, The Portuguese, who came to the island in 1505 and left in 1658, often gave names of Saints to whom the churches in the vicinity were dedicated. Joseph's Road are examples of these and Milagiriya had the church of Our Lady of Miracles (milagre in Portuguese).

It is still known as 'aadelippu' in Sinhala and Tamil.The X-part in Tamil place names is often one of the following: The commonly used trees are Vembu, Panai (palm) and Illupai.Commonly used animals and birds are Anai (elephant), Puli (tiger), and Kuranku (monkey).Outside of Colombo, English influence can be found in the tea planting region with the towns of Hatton and Dalhousie, and several estates such as Devon, Kenilworth, Middleton, Somerset, Usk Valley and Wavenden.Scots English is also widely represented by place names such as Blinkbonnie, Holyrood, Lauderdale, Melfort and Sutherland.

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