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Zachary levi and yvonne strahovski dating in real life

Mei-Ling holds Chuck personally responsible, but Chuck offers a deal: in exchange for Casey and Sarah's help in rescuing Lee, she would to defect to the United States. Leo Dreyfus (Christopher Lloyd) is a CIA psychiatrist assigned by General Beckman to treat Chuck when the malfunctioning Intersect appears to be giving Chuck nightmares and threatening his sanity.

With no other option, as her own government refused to aid in rescuing Lee Cho, and she is categorized as a rogue agent, Mei-Ling agrees to the deal. Upon initially meeting with Chuck, Dreyfus orders him removed from field duty and later has him institutionalized after an apparent unprovoked attack on a visiting dignitary.

While undercover as a Fulcrum agent, he steals a chip, and is in the process of recovering the reader from a Fulcrum contact when apprehended by Team Bartowski, who have no indication that he is undercover.

After his true identity is revealed, he assists them with an effort to capture the device.

Experienced with many men, Carina does not pretend that Morgan was her best lover, but insists that there were but very few better. Despite ignoring Morgan for some time since they slept together, Morgan freaks out when noticing she is in his bed without his prior knowledge after Sarah's Hens-night.

She admits to being somewhat attracted to Chuck, but only because she can tell Sarah is genuinely attracted to him, and Carina loves to take what Sarah wants.Bentley redeems herself by locking herself in the Intersect room with a bomb to save everyone else in Castle. Bentley is transferred to Washington, and leaves on good terms. Mei-Ling Cho (Gwendoline Yeo) is a Chinese covert agent whose brother, Lee Cho, is captured by Ben Lo Pan, a member of the Triads.Initially, she and Team Bartowski are at odds until Chuck unknowingly aids Ben Lo Pan in escaping by helping him to his car; Chuck realizes his mistake when Lo Pan's men carry out a gagged and tied Lee Cho.He is fully aware of Chuck's identity as the Intersect, and is concerned that the computer may eventually overwhelm Chuck's mental faculties entirely.His report is used by Daniel Shaw to use as evidence to discredit Operation Bartowski. Agent Alexandra Forrest (Tricia Helfer) is a CIA agent sent to evaluate the performance of Agent Sarah Walker.

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